I am a lifetime equestrian. I have bred, raised, trained and shown my own horses my whole life. Every championship I earned has been astride horses I have trained. I have never had a another "trainer" work my horse.
This is my talent and my gift.
    I remember being "horse crazy" my whole life. Vacations were spent with me hanging out car window whinnying at horses in pastures. I would follow hoof prints in hopes of locating the majestic steed. The smell of horseflesh and manure is perfume to my senses. 
I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. Training  children has brought me great delights. To watch a child come together as one with a mount is magic.
    I never weary of this lifestyle. This is therapy for me. To be blessed in the presence of such gentle majestic animals is a gift from heaven.
    The sacrifices made are without thought. My horses care, diet and clothing far outweigh my own comforts. In return they provide loyalty and hours of peace. When I'm with my horses I have to be in the moment. I cannot lie to them. I have to be 100% focused in the here and now. They do not care about my past hurts, failures, how much money I have or how I am living. There is no judgment, only truth.
    My children say I  compare life to horses. Many times I will tell a story and relate it to horses. I compare many life experiences into horsey things. People can be categorized as to an equine. Behaviors or habits, personalities can also be related. If a soul has been with horses for any length of time, you will agree.
   When I dream of my future, I would like to be in another state.
One with wide open spaces, gentle rolling hills and lots of wildlife. I dream of riding my buckskin through "Gods country" and enjoying the slower pace of life. I also dream of a cowboy husband riding along with me. A true riding partner for life.
                                              Stacey O'Hara