My Equine Accomplishments

Began riding at 7 years of age
Every championship won has been astride the horse that I trained.
No trainer has ever thrown a leg over my horse.
I have ridden /trained my whole life.
I am always learning and developing my knowledge.
 I enjoy teaching other people and horses.
1976-1984 C.G.A California State Championships
1980’sRode/shown Western Equitation
Rode/shown English Jumpers
Rode WPRCA Barrel Racing-green card
1990’sBred/Raised/Trained/Showed Halter Horses
Won Overall Championship 2000 ETI
2000Team Roping/Header USTRA #2 cardholder
2003-currentCMSA #L2    (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Assoc.) 
2007/2009 California State Championship
2009 West Coast Overall Champion
Ran Gymkhana
Rode Pro Rodeo Barrel Racing 
Showed Western Equitation and English Jumping
Team Penned
Team Roped
Halter Horses
Cowboy Mounted Shooter
Ride “Trail Trials” for schooling horses
Part time ranching

The mare I will be riding for this event is the “third generation” I owned her dam, the grandmother and worked on the ranch where the great grand dam was. I watched her birth and have been the only person that has handled her for 6 years. 

                                                 Letter from client
 Marsha Green
 P.O. Box 2041
 Thousand Oaks, CA
                                 To whom it may concern
  Stacey O'Hara trained our horses and gave riding lessons to my daughter
 and myself from 1998 through 2000.  When we began the training sessions,
 our horses had been involved in very little formal training and both of us
 were at the beginners level of riding.  Due to Stacey's professional training
 techniques, we are now able to enjoy riding at an experienced level as well
 as enjoy horses that are trained both for arena work and the trail.
 I was very impressed with several aspects of Stacey's training techniques.
 Safety was always emphasized, yet she provided both of us with the   confidence 
 to try new skills.  Stacey always insured that we fully understood 
 all skills related to grooming, tack and ground work with the horses. 
 Once we had mastered each skill, she stepped back and made us do
 everything ourselves.  The horses were also treated in a gentle
 manner by Stacey at all times.

 My youngest daughter is now ready to take lessons. 
 I had such a positive experience with Stacey I have contacted her and    requested she train my second daughter.

Marsha Green

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Nov 7 2013
I got accepted into the pomona equine affair 2014 competition. Here is my video